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        ~The  Syndgar  Trading  Co.~

   600 Center Ave #1902
Brownwood, Texas  76804
                 United States                 

Original HErb & Spice Blends Created Without The Unnecessary Synthetics

The lack of flavor in life has only been compensated by the overindulgence of synthetic ingredients made to change your mood temporarily and appearance permanently.

You do not want your foods to be more complicated than what it already is with hard to read ingredients . We all simply want to enjoy our meals without the complication. You know exactly what you want but only need a guide to better understand how to Have it without worry.

Join our journey into the world of flavor as The Syndgar Trading Co. has developed a simple way to help you better understand herbs and spices that will assist in your health and improving the aroma and flavor in each bite you take from your meals.

Be part of the revolution to take back your kitchen from the unhealthy mass alternatives by entering the forum to choose the right Blends for your lifestyle.

What's In the Box?

Enjoy the First 15 days of our Subscription FREE. This is an opportunity to TRY OUr products before commitment.          

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Each 15th of the Month We will ship out the following items Exclusively To you:

1- 4 ounce bottle of a pure herb or spice of the month without synthetics, artificial additives, or preservatives 

1-Exclusive Gift from The SYndgar Trade Co.

1-Monthly Subscriber Tribute 

1-Bulletin with the month's featured herb or spice history, recipes, tips and tricks for use, and much more

Do not miss out for your opportunity to enjoy what you deserve