Francisco Garcia


Our origins are rich in family history and begins in Southern Texas from a diverse Hinojosa bloodline that married into Gomez and then again into Garcia, our family has been ranching and trading goods for hundreds of years. Francisco Garcia pictured in the middle of this group photo was the last traditional cattle driver in our family who along with his brothers sold cattle along the various markets in Texas. Their legacy still lives on amongst several family members who still ranch in Texas, but we at The Syndgar Trading Co. have branched into the luxury goods line of business by offering custom handcrafted jewelry, unique jewelry imports, spices, herbs, and Spanish cutlery in Vanadium and Inox steel boasting a variety of scales to include stag handle, cocobolo, olive wood, rosewood, and micarta to name a few. 


The Legacy continues with David A. Garcia who was raised in Chicago, Illinois the first generation to be born outside of Texas who began to learn about trade and retail from a variety of hands on experiences in the US Customs House as an intern as well as working in warehousing, and retail. While studying at Chicago State University he joined the United States Army National Guard and began to travel to different European countries where he began to appreciate Old World designs and goods. After the events on September 11, 2001 Mr. Garcia joined the United States Marine Corps serving two tours in Iraq where he learned more about culture and trade from the local merchants. 

After his discharge Mr. Garcia earned an upper management role in the Los Angeles harbors as a Superintendent in a stevedore company. This opportunity afforded him the experience in international trade and supply chain management. 

Working in the maritime industry was an excellent career but Mr. Garcia did not feel fulfilled or connected to the customers. His love for unique and luxurious goods peaked an interest to study at Gemological Institute of America (GIA) earning certifications as a Professional Jeweler and Diamond Grader, coupled with a Masters in Business and other professional certifications Mr. Garcia decided to take the family tradition into the modern era. 

Mr. Garcia spends quality time testing the cutlery in real world situations proving that each blade is not only beautiful but a life saving tool as well. The time dedicated into each dry rub and blend is an indication that his love for finer things is both an external and internal element for a satisfying life. His belief that jewelry only compliments a beautiful soul and not makes the person is displayed in each piece made or sought for from various jewelers. 

Love for what is worked on in life is evidence to each item presented at The Syndgar Trading Co. a love that is delivered to you with safety and confidence that you have not only made the best decision with the goods offered but that you are enhancing your life with quality items that can create the best memories for generations.  


The Spice of Life:

Unique Familiarity in an Extraordinary World

In each bottle of our dry rubs or spice blends we do not add any preservatives or unnatural colorings. Our goal is to keep each serving as pure and organic as possible without any questionable ingredients.

Our purpose was to create a method of breaking away from the prescribed medications given to David for his treatments from the injuries he suffered in Iraq that are accompanied along with the trauma and side effects that developed years later. By studying books and journals of natural medicines from herbs and spices as well as such books as Apicius, the first known cookbook to modern cookbooks we created several blends that not only appease the palate but assist in the release of chemicals in the brain to help relieve depression and increase positive moods. The comfort of food accompanied by our dry rubs and blends have increased benefits for both mind and body and assisted many in their need to live well and clean from the synthetic assistance given to those who may need an increase with emotional and physical pain.  

Our dry rubs and mixes are affordable and available for all to enjoy without the complications of prescribed medicine or timetables. As you add each blend into your food you are creating a path to wellness.

Pick up a bottle today to begin living well and free.


Our recipes are not FDA approved.

Cpl David A. Garcia (0351) 1st Mar Div Fox 2/1, Fallujah, Iraq 2004 

Cpl David A. Garcia (0351) 1st Mar Div Fox 2/1, Fallujah, Iraq 2004