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Our origins are rich in family history and begins in Southern Texas from a diverse Hinojosa bloodline that married into Gomez and then into Garcia, our family has been ranching and trading goods for hundreds of years. Francisco Garcia pictured in the middle of this group photo was the last traditional cattle driver in our family who along with his vaqueros sold cattle to the various markets in Texas. Their legacy still lives on amongst several family members who still ranch in Texas, but we at The Syndgar Trading Co. have branched into the luxury goods line of business by offering rich spices and herbs in a unique package available for all to enjoy.

The legacy continues with David A. Garcia An avid speciarius. Mr. Garcia has studied herbs and spices to rediscover the passion of his family’s trade and understands the value of herbs, spices, and finery to make life pure with health and happiness.


In each bottle of our dry rubs or spice blends we do not add any preservatives or anticaking agents. Our goal is to keep each serving as pure and organic as possible without any questionable ingredients.


Enjoy what nature has to offer by joining our prepaid monthly subscription packages or exciting dry rubs to boost the flavor in your life.