Dry Rubs Disclaimer

All spices are prepared in accordance to the Texas Cottage Laws

Food Handler Certificate Number: BWTX-374323

We provide a simple warning that although each batch is 100% natural and free of preservatives and other synthetic ingredients that sometimes even the gifts of nature can have an allergic reaction to the purest of person. Seek the assistance of a qualified medical professional if you believe that you have found a negative reaction to any spices or herbs.

Our spices will not contain the below allergens unless noted: 

Eggs, Nuts, Soy, Peanuts, Milk or Wheat



All knives are delivered factory sharpened. Buyers must be 18 years old or older to purchase knives and must adhere to local laws where knives can be shipped and sold. Buyers must perform all due diligence to ensure that knives sold are legal in their shipping address.

Syndgar Delights, associates, and other people or entities in relation to Syndgar Delights do not claim the responsibility for any illegal activities performed with products sold on our site or through our shop intentional or accidental.